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Being Present is a synthesis of spiritual teachings and personal insights that can be applied in everyday life to help you cultivate a peaceful mind, live skilfully, and experience a spiritual connection through the power of the present moment. The teachings enable you to reduce suffering and gain freedom from becoming lost in unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

* All author profits donated to mental health charities *

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cropped-170803-cockburn-0007-e1502184555341.jpgDarren’s passionate about meditation and mindfulness. He’s studied with a range of teachers from different religions. As a coach and teacher himself, Darren’s supported hundreds of people in meditation, mindfulness, and finding a connection to spirituality, with a focus on applying spiritual teachings in everyday life to cultivate a peaceful mind.

Personal coaching is offered via Skype, FaceTime, telephone or face-to-face in Bournemouth, UK. Coaching slots with Darren are available now.

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