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Kindred Spirit Awards 2019

I feel honoured to have been nominated for Kindred Spirit Magazine’s “Emerging Voices” 2019 award. If you like my work, please vote for me and enable my teachings to help more people. Voting includes entry to a free prize draw!

darrencockburnI help people live in the present moment, cultivate a peaceful mind and connect with their true essence. Teaching mindfulness through books, the Internet, media channels, coaching and training.

Mindfulness teachings work well when they’re practical, simple and clear. My books, Being Present & Living a Life of Harmony are published by Findhorn Press & Inner Traditions. They’re inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism, Yoga philosophy and his own insights.


Take a few minutes to listen to a bite-sized interview about Mindfulness & Being Present with Lou Hannan from the BBC…

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KS162-COVER-Final-smallwebMy ‘7 Principles of Conscious Digital Usage’ were featured on the front page and in a three page article within the Jan/Feb edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine​.

~ Here’s a link to the article PDF ~

Kindred Spirit Magazine is the UK’s leading guide to Mind, Body and Spirit. Part of Watkins Books​, London’s oldest and largest esoteric bookshop founded in 1893. I enjoyed giving a talk there last year about my first book – Being Present.

It’s great to know the digital mindfulness guidance I created is being shared so widely. I’m hoping that everybody who reads it will apply at least one of the principles and enjoy a more harmonious time with their phones, laptops and other devices.

Mindfulness Online Training Learn Mindfulness – Free Content and Podcast