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Mindfulness & Meditation workshop. Everybody welcome. Very beneficial for yoga teachers.
The bulk of the day will be covering personal practice. A small part of the day will cover integration of mindfulness and meditation into yoga classes.
BWY Yoga Teachers: you can book this training session as an IST day.
Please contact me if you’d be interested in attending.

Rev. Paul John Roach / Darren Cockburn – Book Radio Interview – July 24th 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 08.58.33.pngI’m looking forward to being interviewed by Rev. Paul John Roach on Unity Online Radio this Tuesday evening 7pm UK Time, 1pm Central Time.

I don’t know exactly what Rev. Paul will be asking me – I do know it will be about my new book “Being Present“, so there’ll be plenty of discussion on mindfulness, how to use spiritual practice to cultivate a peaceful mind, and also some other interesting stuff we will not be expecting!

Playback the interview

Erica Longdon / Darren Cockburn – Book Radio Interview – July 12th 2018

ericalongdon.jpgIt’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Erica Longdon on 12Radio. 12Radio has options to listen live and download after the event.

We’ll be discussing the new book, Being Present, focusing on addictions, sleep, the different components of spiritual practice, and how people relate to religion. There will also be plenty of helpful mindfulness tips and advice.

The interview will be broadcast at 8AM London time, 12AM Pacific Time.

Here’s the audio from the interview…

Gary Goldberg / Darren Cockburn – Book Interview – July 5th 2018

logo.pngI’m looking forward to an interview on Gary Goldberg’s Communal Spirit show – live on New York radio station Wrpi-Fm 91.5.

We’ll be talking about my new book “Being Present”, #mindfulness, spirituality, and whatever else comes up at the time.

The interview will be broadcast at 6pm London time, 1pm Eastern (NY) time.

You can tune in online at WRPI’s web site.

Watkins Bookstore London: Being Present book talk and signing – 21st June 2018

watkins-at-night-clry2.jpgI am pleased to announce that I will be giving a talk and signing copies of my new book ‘Being Present‘ at Watkins Bookstore in London on Thursday 21st June at 6,30pm.

Established over 100 years ago, Watkins is one of the world’s oldest and leading independent bookshops specialising in esoterica.

All talks are free and take place in the bookshop itself at 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. You can catch up on all the recent Watkins talks by spiritual authors on their youtube channel and web site.


Yoga Fest – 24th March 2018

As a precursor to the release of his new book “Being Present”, due for launch May 2018, Darren ran workshops at the British Wheel of Yoga “Yoga Fest” spring festival of yoga.

There was a stunning line-up of international guest teachers and other activities. Yoga Fest was held at Warwick University.

Darren presented and integrated teachings from mindfulness theory, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle and Yoga. This included powerful concepts and techniques that you can use to cultivate a peaceful mind and let go of being lost in thought. The session consisted of meditation, a talk and breakout sessions to help the attendees explore and positively influence their own spiritual practice.

Here is the audio and slides from the morning session:

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Skype & Bournemouth Eckhart Tolle Study Group

Darren facilitates a group in Bournemouth, UK studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. It runs two Thursday evenings each month from 7,30pm to 9,00pm. You may attend in person or digitally via Skype.

Bournemouth mindfulness

The group will enable you to learn about:

  • Gaining freedom from becoming lost in unhelpful thoughts and emotions
  • Mindfulness: What it means and how it can be cultivated
  • The benefits of living in the present moment
  • Using your body as a tool to raise your level of consciousness
  • Enhancing communication with people including friends, family and personal relationships
  • Working through blockers/hindrances to being present including the ego
  • Understanding and managing all types of addictions including thought patterns
  • Using stillness, spaciousness and nature to become more present
  • Bringing acceptance to what life presents to you
  • Reviewing and influencing your occupation to align with your spiritual practice

The group is not aligned to a particular religion whilst being inclusive of all religions.

This group is taking a break for the summer. My intention is to restart it during Autumn.

If you are interested in joining please contact Darren.

Skype & Bournemouth Yoga Sutras Group

Darren facilitates a group in Bournemouth, UK studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, providing insight into Yoga philosophy and practice. It runs two Sunday evenings each month from 7pm to 8,30pm. You may attend in person or digitally via Skype.

Practising within a group context helps you deepen your understandings of spiritual teachings, communicate mindfully with others and become more Present.

This group is taking a break for the summer. My intention is to restart it during Autumn.

If you are interested in joining please contact Darren.

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Connecting with and cultivating the connection to peace is spiritual practice

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