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Here are the regular mindfulness groups in Bournemouth:

  • Mindfulness+ Training – weekly – Tuesday evenings – 7,30pm
  • Mindfulness+ Training Course – weekly – Sunday evenings – 7pm – starting January 13th 2019
  • Mindfulness+ Training Course – weekly – Sunday evenings – 7pm – starting March 17th 2019
  • Eckhart Tolle Practice Group – fortnightly – Thursday evenings – 7,30pm

Please contact me if you’d be interested in joining. Details below….

Mindfulness+ Training Shiva Shakti

Call/Message 07806 779029 or darrenbcockburn@gmail.com anytime ~ booking essential. £95 for course with £25 deposit

On this mindfulness & meditation introductory course you’ll be part of a small and friendly group. Led by Darren Cockburn, mindfulness expert and author of acclaimed mindfulness books Being Present & Living a Life of Harmony. Enjoy your learning environment at the warm and beautiful Shiva Shakti Yoga Studio in Pokesdown, Bournemouth.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits:

* Helps relieve stress and depression
* Enhances your happiness and well being
* Reduces anxiety through cultivating calmness
* Enhances positivity
* Quietens a busy mind
* Improves sleep quality
* Better relationships
* Increases your resilience to health issues
* Improved concentration and memory
* Brings about acceptance of self, others and situations
* Reduces blood pressure
* Useful for for pain management
* Significantly reduces suffering
* Enhanced enjoyment of pleasure
* Greater creativity and problem solving
* Higher levels of presence and awareness of yourself and others
* Enables you to become a better listener
* Enables and deepens spirituality

Call/Message 07806 779029 or darrenbcockburn@gmail.com anytime ~ booking essential. £95 for course with £25 deposit

Darren’s passionate about helping people live in the present moment and cultivate a peaceful mind – through books, the media and training. He believes that mindfulness teachings work well when they’re practical, simple and clear. His acclaimed books, Being Present & Living a Life of Harmony are published by spiritual publishers Findhorn Press & Inner Traditions and available worldwide. He also runs an online mindfulness training portal and hosts the Mindfulness+ Podcast.

After combining over two decades of his own practice with teaching experience in buddhist, yoga and corporate environments, Darren is now offering mindfulness and meditation locally in Bournemouth. His training is based on a synthesis of buddhist philosophy, yoga philosophy, the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and his own insights.

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Eckhart Tolle Study Group 19.14.55.png

I run two groups studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle on Thursday evenings from 7,30 to 9pm UK time. The first group is run locally in Bournemouth. The second group is run via Skype video call. They run alternative weeks i.e. one Thursday in Bournemouth and the following Thursday via Skype.

The groups are small (up to eight attendees) and intimate. They provide the opportunity to connect with a like-minded, friendly bunch of people; increase mindfulness and experience Presence.

The group is for people who are looking to attend regularly rather than on a casual/drop-in basis. It’s mixed ability and everybody’s welcome.

During each group we have a short mediation session followed by an interactive study of Eckhart’s book “The Power of Now”. Attendees will typically read a few pages ahead of the session and come along with any observations or questions. Occasionally, we’ll watch videos of Eckhart Tolle talks.

There’s no charge although you are welcome to make a donation. The group is inclusive of all religions.

If you’re interested in joining please contact me.

I’ve led numerous Eckhart Tolle groups for many years in multiple locations and via Skype. It’s always a delight to study Eckhart’s wonderful teachings in the presence of  others. It’s also rewarding to observe members creating and cultivating spiritual friendships through the group.

“A particular highlight for me this year has been the joy of discovering Eckhart Tolle. It has really felt like coming home, listening to this wonderful speaker, and reading his books. An added bonus has been meeting up with Darren Cockburn, who runs an Eckhart Tolle study group in Bournemouth, which is my home town. Darren is extremely dedicated to his own spiritual development, and for a number of years has been doing his utmost to help others too. Apart from the Tolle study groups, he runs mindfulness groups and gives personal tuition. He also regularly gives talks and has recently written a couple of books.

There seem to be few Eckhart Tolle groups around, so in Bournemouth we are very privileged to have this facility, and Darren has such a kind and thoughtful approach to his teaching. I went along to an Eckhart Tolle group, and it was immediately apparent that Darren has just the right approach for this kind of work. The evening is well organised, with a clear structure, and a gentle reminder at the beginning of each session about certain codes of behaviour, such as showing respect for others in the group by allowing them to finish what they are saying without interrupting. It was a very supportive atmosphere, and Darren led by example, always with extreme kindness and sensitivity.”

Eckhart Tolle Presence Practice Group Member, Bournemouth

I’m looking forward to giving a talk on Being Present and mindfulness at the Dorset Humanists Group on Wednesday 27th March 2019. The talk will be held at the group’s evening meeting 7.30pm at the Green House Hotel in Bournemouth.


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