Mindfulness Business Services

“Mindfulness is awareness and acceptance of bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts, in the present moment” …. Darren Cockburn

I’m an experienced mindfulness coach and trainer. I’ve worked with hundreds of people during my career across a range of spiritual, personal and business areas. Recognised for my ability to help people get results, I’ve been featured in numerous coaching articles published by The Coaching Academy and worked with other organisations including The BBC.

My coaching is underpinned by twenty-five years of corporate experience with large FTSE 100 organisations. Experience includes coaching up to director level, working with board members, defining corporate strategy, running successful departments and delivering large-scale transformation programmes. I’ve also supported many small to medium sized business.

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I offer mindfulness coaching and group training to employees from operatives to board members. Combining extensive corporate and business experience with an in depth understanding of mindfulness practice to help people:

  • Manage fear and anxiety
  • Increase Confidence
  • Lower Stress
  • Gain freedom from becoming lost in unhelpful thoughts and emotions
  • Understand mindfulness – what it means and how it can be cultivated
  • Become more creative in their work
  • Make better decisions aligned with what’s needed
  • Manage emotional reactivity and become more positively responsive
  • Integrate mindfulness into technology usage
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Build better relationships
  • Deal positively with conflict and confrontation
  • Increase concentration and improve memory
  • Enhance workplace resilience
  • Improve emotional wellness and happiness
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Increase awareness of themselves and others
  • Become more positive and focused
  • Be accepting of themselves, others and situations
  • Take control over work-related thoughts inside and outside of the workplace
  • Enjoy a more peaceful mind inside and outside of the workplace

Coaching is typically delivered within a programme of sessions via the telephone, FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout. Face-to-face meetings may also be possible. I’m accredited in Emotional Intelligence via Korn Ferry Hay Group and can integrate related surveys and feedback into coaching programmes if required.

Mindfulness training can be delivered on site for groups of up to twelve people.


Contact me now using the form below to learn more about how you or your organisation can benefit from mindfulness coaching or training. Free initial consultations are available.

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