Plans for 2019

Happy New Year to you! Having just spent a couple of weeks on holiday I’m excited to share what I have planned for 2019. I hope we stay connected and this year brings you peace and happiness…

I’ll be continuing to promote my first book “Being Present – Cultivating a Peaceful Mind through Spiritual Practice” – all author profits for this book during 2019 will be donated to mental health charities. Available everywhere including Amazon.

My second book “Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines to Cultivate Peace & Kindness” will be released April/May. This is available everywhere on pre-order including Amazon. I’ve received some wonderful endorsements already. The teachings are going down well with people attending training courses. So I’m feeling hopeful this will be a valuable contribution to those needing a practical framework for spiritual practice and harmonious living. There will be a series of international book interviews that will appear on the Mindfulness+ Podcast.

I was recently pleased to learn that both Being Present and Living a Life of Harmony (available in book and ebook formats) have been selected by my publishers to be converted into audiobooks. I’ll let you know once they’re available – hopefully during 2019.

The Eckhart Tolle Groups are growing in popularity and continue to run on Thursday evenings. Alternative weeks in Bournemouth and alternative weeks via Skype video call. Please contact me if you’re interested in attending.

Mindfulness+ Training runs every Tuesday evening at my place in Bournemouth. This training is based on my books synthesising teachings from Buddhism, Yoga, Eckhart Tolle and my own insights.

There’s a new Eight-week Mindfulness+ Introductory Course starting at the beautiful Shiva Shakti Yoga Studio in Bournemouth Sunday evenings from 13th January. Please contact me if you’re interested in attending.

I’ll be running a day workshop on mindfulness and meditation for the British Wheel of Yoga on Saturday 23rd March in Cheshire. Everybody is welcome.

And on Wednesday 27th March I’ll be giving an evening talk at the Dorset Humanists Group in Bournemouth.

Following on from the creation of the free Mindfulness Online Training platform last year, I’ll be continuing to populate the web site and podcast. Help yourself to the content including podcasts on Apple iTunes and Spotify. There is already over 30 resources available.

Finally, I’ll be writing and recording an album of songs this year called “Do it while you can”. A new song will be released acoustically each month and I may even take them to a studio towards the end of the year.

It’s going to be a creative, exciting and positively busy year! I’ll keep you updated through my Email Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

I really value your interest in my work – thank you.

Warm wishes to you! Darren

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